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California Dairy - Glendora, CaliforniaThis site is all about our hobby of collecting and researching dairy antiques.  We collect milk bottles mainly from central and northern California, butter churns, cream separators, butter workers and butter molds.  We even have some old milking machines and veterinary tools.  We are in the dairy business so this area of collecting is in our lives every day.  Any dairy or milk related item is interesting to us.  We are always interested in hearing about dairy antiques for sale.

If you are looking for something in particular, please feel free to ask. We have too many dairy antiques so we can't display them all.  Also, let us know if you have items to sell or trade.  We are especially interested in the history of these items.  If you have old advertisements, product instructions or company literature about dairy antiques we would love to hear about them.

If you have a unique dairy antique that is not shown here email us a picture and we can possibly share it on the site.  Use a plain surface for the background and take the picture at a fairly high resolution so there is room to edit it.

We update this site frequently as we add to our collection and come across new information, so check back often.

Butter Churn and Milk Bottle Collection

Pictured above is part of our butter churn and milk bottle collection. They are slowly crowding us out of the house!

Hello everyone! 

We hope you enjoy our site and find something interesting.  We are new to this and just got a digital camera so we are learning as we go.  Good luck collecting and hopefully there is a great find just waiting for you around the corner.

Good Luck
Doug & Linda

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